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Steph Stern

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I help people live happier, more fulfilling lives. I work with clients to tackle a variety of problems. I love supporting people to achieve their best in life and at work.

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Magrittepipe article

Am I Ambitious?

Ambition is such a loaded word in our culture. We generally use it to mean that you are striving for professional and financial success, and perhaps fame or prestige. Ambition is about accomplishment.

3 Psychological Hurdles Standing Between You and a Better Resume

Reviewing my stack of applicant resumes, I saw clearly that the most common mistakes were subtle and psychological.

The country school winslow homer article

What I Didn't Learn In School

At the large public high school I attended, it was routine for questions seeking deeper information to be met with, “Don’t worry, you don’t need to know that for the test.” Though this infuriated me, I adapted.

3 Counterintuitive Negotiation Tactics That Really Work themuse ...

3 Counterintuitive Negotiation Tactics That Really ...

Should have done1 article

How to Quiet Your Inner Critic - small answers

We all have an inner critic: the voice in our head that says the mean, unhelpful things. My inner critic looks like me, but with a pinched nose and a tight bun.

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The Billfold

Office Small Talk: An Illustrated Typology | The Billfold

Pleasantries are trite and routine, and, especially in the office environment, they can stress me out.

Deathtostock creative community3 640x426 article
The Billfold

What Do You Do All Day? | The Billfold

I have always been very concerned with becoming a respectable job candidate, even before I really knew what I wanted to do. I’d thought the goal was to master information that would set me up for a successful career.

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The Billfold

Career Advice From the Dalai Lama | The Billfold

When asked the question “What do you do for a living?” the Dalai Lama answered, “Nothing, I do nothing!”

Lazy blobs article

The Anti-Lazy Manifesto - small answers

The Anti-Lazy Manifesto - small answers

Long term use of bioretention for heavy metals removal test article

The Psychology of Green DecisionsHow do you decide to do ...

The Psychology of Green DecisionsHow do you decide ...

Nature2 article

"What's It All About?" An Illustrated Story - small answers

"What's It All About?" An Illustrated Story - small...

Chai 640x426 article
The Billfold

Why Do We Spend Money On Things That Don't Make Us Happy ...

If how we spend our money is such a clear reflection of our priorities, shouldn’t we try to spend it in ways that make us truly happy?

Deathtostock creative community8 640x426 article
The Billfold

You, Me and Both of Us: Rules That Apply to Our Relationships and ...

You, Me and Both of Us: Rules That Apply to Our Rel...

Kitchen still life 1948.jpghalfhd article

Comparison: Recipes for Disaster

Stir ingredients together until you’ve worked yourself up into a frenzy. Think about how envious you are of someone else’s success, how you deserve it more than they do, or how it will never happen for you. By all means, do not actually do anything productive (this might make you feel good again).

Infinate recognition article

Confidence is Doing: Lessons from a Cheater

It is only with quite a bit more perspective and life experience that I recognize Seth’s maneuvering as instructive on how to find the ways through and around obstacles– a lesson in confidence.